What are we?

Angelic Threads is a mobile clothing closet based in northern Virginia, that provides free clothing to local friends in need.  We are a cash-free mobile organization, whereas all clothing we receive has been freely given by way of generous donations from friends, like you, who simply have a heart for helping other friends in need. 

Through your freely given new and used clothing donations, Angelic Threads is able to make a positive impact in our community by bringing our mobile clothing closet to friends in need!  Once our mobile clothing closet arrives, we set up a temporary "shop" where our friends are able to "go shopping" for clothing that is freely given to them.  We do not charge a fee for friends in need to "shop", and we do not accept monetary compensation as our clothing is freely given

Angelic Threads is happy to help any friend in need of clothing.  We do not discriminate against age, race, sex, size, religion, or anything else - A friend in need of clothing, is a friend we will freely give to. 

Our mission.

Angelic Threads has a heart for helping others and a passion for reusable threads.  We believe in sharing God's love by freely giving clothing.  To friends in need.

Who are we?

We are like you.  Friends and neighbors who want to make a positive impact in the lives of others.   We see a need for teen and adult clothing in our local community and understand that those truly in need most often can not afford to shop at local stores and thrift stores for clothing, nor have the mobile means to get there.

We have gone about our daily lives for years, volunteering in our local community and with overseas missions organizations - Yet we still have a burning desire to help friends here in the northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., area.  So after much pondering, research, planning and prayer, we are taking a leap-of-faith and stepping up to help clothe friends in need.  We know that if we want to make a positive impact in our community, we must be willing to serve our community.

All of Angelic Threads mobile operations and donation collections are powered by a 100% volunteer staff.  Therefore, 100% of the brains, creativity, muscle power, mobile transportation, time and love behind the Angelic Threads organization is freely given by our energetic and compassionate volunteers. 

Angelic Threads is based in Haymarket, VA., and does not have a fancy schmancy mobile clothing vehicle or store front.  We are economically thrifty, and pull our freely donated clothing items, packed in plastic bins, behind our well-worn vehicle on a small trailer.  Our freely donated threads are not displayed on shiny new shelves, and you probably won't find the latest fashion styles from the Paris runways.  Yet, we believe all clothing has value and when given freely, it can make a difference and positively impact friends in need.