Are you a 501(c)3?

No, Angelic Threads is currently not a registered 501(c)3.  Therefore we do not issue tax deductible receipts. 

How may I be certain that my donations will be given to friends in need?

We list on our website, the upcoming dates and public locations where we will be hosting Clothing Collections and also public locations where we will be setting up our mobile "shop".  We respect our friends in need and their safety is of utmost priority.  Therefore, we do not list information regarding any homeless and/or shelter locations that we serve, nor do we share any personal information regarding the friends we serve.  We are happy to provide a generalized update on how your generous donations are being used and continue enabling us to freely give Angelic Threads.  We welcome you to stop by any of our scheduled Clothing Collections and get to know us. 

What sizes and styles of clothing do you accept?

We are grateful for your clothing donations in sizes Teen through Adult.  As such, we are happy to recommend another local group that focuses specifically on collecting children's size clothing donations and also gives them freely to children in need.

We accept all clothing styles!  From vintage to couture threads, and all styles in between, as a wider variety is more appealing to our friends in need.   We do ask that your freely donated clothing not contain any drug/sexual/profane references or images.